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Songwriter, singer and guitar player

MAHA Rocks is a Ukrainian songwriter, rock singer, guitarist, recording artist and a voting member of the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs. Growing up in artistic family, she absorbed a love for all genres of music but no genre was in her face as much as rock. MaHA Rocks eventually found she could not escape from being obsessed with electric guitar sounding and she has developed strong guitar skills.

Being a solo artist she released a debut album in 2011 and played numerous gigs in her home city. MaHA Rocks works on serious lyrics from inner perceptions to international problems, which are accompanied with strong motivation, hope and optimism. As for her music, instrumental parts usually are made in New York, when her vocals are recorded in Kyiv or Dubai. MaHA Rocks doesn’t stay apart in the process of creating music being all in it exploring and expressing the sound.